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 By Praising your Work

A Video Case Study is a very powerful marketing tool. It provides a detailed analysis of your businesses products and services directly to your target audience so that they can see how your solution resolved another customer’s problem, developing confidence in your business. You can target a specific customer, project or industry sector to show your capabilities. Incorporate this with a video testimonial, and you add trust, further developing the confidence and credibility to your marketing message.


DAP has been fortunate to have gained a great deal of experience producing case studies and testimonials and this has now become a speciality for us. Because of this, we have developed a proven formula that works.

For interviews, we have a well-worked strategy, with carefully designed questions that do not take up too much of the client’s time and help them to deliver the content in a coherent and professional manor.


A proven process that achieves results.


Have you thought about a teaser video?

Teaser videos are a great idea to help you gain an interest on social media. From the existing footage, we can edit together a short clip or several clips that will highlight a specific point of interest. This will then tease the viewer to wanting to find out more

A referral is the holy grail of marketing”.
– Mark Zuckerberg







Why have a Video Case Study?

A video case study can be very specific about a product or service. It gives the viewer an insight into what they can expect. You can use it to highlight benefits and present positive attributes.

  1. Case Study Videos Are More Convincing – In the first place, trust and authenticity, these are just two reasons why video case studies are so effective. Rather than you telling your potential customers how great you are, video case studies allow your existing happy customers to do the talking.
  2. Case Study Videos Are More Emotional – Even the most logical argument needs to be backed-up with an emotional or story-based hook to keep us fully engaged. Let’s be honest, we all like a good story. We buy emotionally and justify our purchase logically.
  3. Case Study Videos Are More Engaging – It’s our job to make your video appealing to the viewer. It’s something we are very good at doing and we pride ourselves on delivering video case studies that meet your brief.


You can view some of our own videos here. The proof of the pudding..and so on.


Why have a Testimonial?

A testimonial from a happy client is the best form of endorsement for your service or product. It will help to instill a confidence in your client that you are the correct business to work with.


What if my happy client is not a natural presenter?

Don’t worry, we have worked with many who are not. Like most people, public speaking or presenting is one of our major fears, it’s known as glossophobia. It might not be to an audience of hundreds, but giving presentations to staff, even team members, or sitting in front of a camera can be debilitating.

We take time to help your client and to put them at their ease ensuring we get the most natural and best response. We coach your client to encourage them enjoy the experience and present their business and, of course, yours in the best light.

Will I receive a return on investment?

For your video to generate results, it will need to be part of a marketing strategy. You will need to have a clear direction and purpose with an understanding of your business objectives and expectations. You can look at the leads and sales that occur after viewing your video and determine comparatively how it is performing compared to other marketing initiatives. Measuring your results and KPI’s is fundamental to successful ROI.

What about marketing my video?

The success of your video depends on its visibility online and ensuring that it is placed directly in front of your target audience. We can help re-purpose your video content to suit your campaign. Your video can be formatted to work on social media channels like YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, newsletters or part of an email campaign.

When we create your video, we are conscious of what needs to be included to give it the best chance of being found. Video titles and video tags for example can position your video to attract likely viewers.

Do you have a marketing campaign in place? No, we work with some amazing people who can help you to create one that will work for you.

How long should my video be?

When your audience views your video on different channels, their attention span varies.

Instagram viewers spend, on average 30 seconds looking at video content.

On Twitter, your video could entertain viewers for 45 seconds.

You can engage Facebook audiences for 60seconds.

On YouTube, Vimeo or your web site you can show the full, unexpurgated version lasting two minutes or longer. YouTube viewers will spend an inordinate amount of time watching videos lasting 15 minutes or more.

So, the content and the intended channel will determine the length of your video.

What questions should we ask in the video?

We will work with you to provide a list of questions that will build a convincing narrative. They will help you earn a prospect’s trust, show them what life would be like as your customer and validate your product or service.

We have compiled a library of case study interview questions that will disclose valuable details and insights. We use these prompts to get started, and then add more specific interview questions for your business or products.

If my client is reticent, how can I convince them of the benefits of participating?

We have been asked this question many times before.

Asking your client to give a few hours of their precious time is a big ask. It is important that they are aware of all the benefits by taking part. They will receive free publicity and PR from being featured in a video that will feature their business. Prospects like to associate with other successful companies, so your client might generate additional business by association.

We ensure that the interview questions are sent to them in advance so that they may prepare and will have no nasty shocks on the day.

We keep filming day disruption to a minimum and work around their schedule.

Many have commented on how they enjoyed the experience, to such an extent that they have booked us to film videos for them.



I have booked Doug for a number of company events over the past year and he has always delivered an exceptional level of service as well as excellent results. Very professional and a personable individual who blends into an event in a discreet manner. I was also lucky enough to have Doug to take my wedding photos this year and we are thrilled with the results.

Very creative and beautifully presented photographs. He really captured the atmosphere and the personalities of all our guests. We had a fabulous sunny day which can be a nightmare for photographers when constantly moving from dark to light environments but he handled the event with ease and produced amazing photos. I would highly recommend Doug for any event; commercial or personal. A truly talented photographer!

Cindy Phillips

Marketing Manager, OGL Computer

We have worked with Claire and Doug from DAP for over 3 years and have always received 1st class service. As professional as they are friendly and the quality of their work is excellent – we have used their video testimonials and employee headshots all over our new website.

I would highly recommed using DAP for any still or video needs that you might have – they make you feel at ease and due to a fantastic pre-work process ensure you get the most out of the time spent with them.

Jennifer Appleton

Director of ISO Quality Services & Business Board Member at Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership, ISO Quality Services Ltd

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