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At DAP we produce promotional videos that will engage the viewer to gently entice them to take action. We offer a variety of formats to cover your video marketing from corporate films, to video case studies, video testimonials, explainer videos, product video and much more.

Getting your video made involves no less than eight production stages. From planning to completion this is essential to ensure that the video achieves the results you want to generate.


When you enquire about a promotional video, we will arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements. We will then prepare a comprehensive proposal for you to review. Once we have agreed on the proposal we will arrange a planning meeting for the video. This is where we discuss the style, content, shots, interviews, script and voice over etc.

The next stage is to prepare a shoot plan, with a shot list that we need to film and the locations. Questions or scripts are organised and voice over and third parties are booked.

Filming is captured and then we go to the editing suite. We will prepare the first draft for proofing and after reviewing your comments, we make any changes required. The proof is delivered to you on a private link from Vimeo so that only you can see and comment on the video.

Finally, we deliver the finished video in high resolution for you to use as you wish. This is delivered on a USB memory stick and can also be downloaded via Vimeo so that you can start using your video straight away.


A few statistics for you to consider when thinking about whether a promotional video is the way forward for you and your business…

80% of people watch videos every week

64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product or service after watching a video about it.

96% of consumers say that purchase decisions are directly influenced by video content.


Why should I use Video?

Video can engage your viewer, turning a casual passing interest into an active desire to buy.

10 great reasons why you should use video content on your website:


  1. First impressions count – videos can make a great first impression. 70% view brands more positively after watching a video.
  2. Increase Click Through Rate – you can increase ‘Click Through Rate’ to your ‘Contact Page’ by as much as 30% by embedding a video on your homepage.
  3. Suited to mobile– time spent browsing websites on mobiles and smart devices has been proven to be shorter than on desktops, so a video can be a quick way to absorb information.
  4. Make your website, sticky – visitors will stay longer on your website. Research suggests that more than 60% of consumers will invest two minutes in a video that explains a product they are thinking of purchasing and 37% will watch for over three minutes.
  5. Videos can boost SEO – video is a positive way to target keywords with search engines. An indexed video may have up to 50 times more chance of ranking higher than a text only page.  Videos can also help increase the time a user spends on your website, which contributes towards a higher ranking.
  6. Increase your chances to improve ranking– transcripts of your videos will help search engines to index it. Surround the video with text that can be indexed.
  7. An Easy way to engage– people are used to passive engagement. You are not asking them do anything more strenuous than watch a screen.
  8. Return on Investment – an engaging video can really contribute to your bottom line.
  9. Potential to share– videos are easy to share on social media. That’s more viewers and potentially, more customers.
  10. It’s fun!Videos are entertaining to watch. It can be great fun to make a video and very rewarding. A brilliant film has the power to promote your brand in a more exciting way than written text and static images.
Will I receive a return on investment?

For your video to generate results, it will need to be part of a marketing strategy. You will need to have a clear direction and purpose with an understanding of your business objectives and expectations. You can look at the leads and sales that occur after viewing your video and determine comparatively how it is performing compared to other marketing initiatives. Measuring your results and KPI’s is fundamental to successful ROI.

What format will work best for us?

There are several types of video and we can help you decide which will best suit you and will most effectively promote your brand and message.

  1. Video testimonial – Testimonials provide evidence that you actually do solve customers’ issues and in fact, offer some great benefits. Written testimonials on your website are one form. They are certainly better than nothing, but prospects can be sceptical. Video testimonials, on the other hand, are difficult to ‘fake’ and therefore, seen as more authentic.
  2. Case study – Video case studies add legitimacy to your proposition, as the message involves your customer. It’s much easier to communicate unique selling points to a viewer by showing, rather than telling, them how your product or service is better.
  3. Promotional video – A well-crafted promotional video can promote your business and its products or services. You will want to portray your business in a positive light and make people want to buy from your business.
  4. Email signature video – Prospects and customers are not likely to feel a real human connection with you through typed words on a screen. If they’re can see your face and learn about you, they’re much more likely to trust you.
What about marketing my video?

The success of your video depends on its visibility online and ensuring that it is placed directly in front of your target audience. We can help re-purpose your video content to suit your campaign. Your video can be formatted to work on social media channels like YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, newsletters or part of an email campaign.

When we create your video, we are conscious of what needs to be included to give it the best chance of being found. Video titles and video tags for example can position your video to attract likely viewers.

Do you have a marketing campaign in place? No, we work with some amazing people who can help you to create one that will work for you.

How long should my video be?

When your audience views your video on different channels, their attention span varies.

Instagram viewers spend, on average 30 seconds looking at video content.

On Twitter, your video could entertain viewers for 45 seconds.

You can engage Facebook audiences for 60seconds.

On YouTube, Vimeo or your web site you can show the full, unexpurgated version lasting two minutes or longer. YouTube viewers  will spend an inordinate amount of time watching videos lasting 15 minutes or more.

So, the content and the intended channel will determine the length of your video.



I engaged Douglas to take a series of photographs for the new MCS Corporate Website. He carried out this work exactly as I had specified including visiting clients’ premises to take industrial and landscape shots as well as other personal and promotional photographs at hotels and selected venues. I shall be using Douglas Anderson again for his work and I rate his energy, work and attention to detail very highly. 

Greville Warwick

MCS Corporate Strategies Ltd

We hired DAP as Videographers and they are delightful to work with. During the initial stages they came up with some great ideas and embraced the concepts we came up with. During the filming they knew what they wanted to achieve and which shots they wanted which meant the interruption to the working day was kept to a minimum.

Their personality and enthusiasm ensured everyone got into the spirit of the filming and the results proved they clearly know what they are doing with camera angles, lighting and post-production techniques.

Simon Collingridge

Experienced Web and eCommerce Development, E64

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